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Fern Curliques

I held onto this photo for a while, knowing how I wanted it to look but just not getting around to it. The original background was a lit black sheet, so dark greyish, which I wanted to darken. The colors weren’t so dramatic and the purple wasn’t as noticeable (and the bright orange not nearly that color!). So I hit Photoshop and edited and played until the colors got right. Other than that I only had to do a bit of cloning.

This one, and others that are popular or that I like end up on my website, at www.kelleybard.com. Your comments here, on facebook, on flickr, buzztown or retweets on twitter help me to know what you like. So don’t be shy and comment away! See my links to the right if you want to follow me in another web venue.

I’m off to go to my first solo art show! Wish me luck at the “LifeScapes” show at The Red Tent Women’s Center in Durango, CO tonight!


Tropical Spirals

This is another photograph that was related to shapes.  I love finding an underlying theme to a photograph, it pulls it all together so nicely!  This one is obviously focused on spirals.  The funny part is that I didn’t realize it until after the processing had started… I just knew I loved the image and the flower/leaf shape.  I had to do a fair amount to keep the green crisp in this picture, and to make the picture as a whole look good.  I had to do A LOT of cleanup on the stamen, it was amazing how much dirt was on it.  The first time I looked at the image it was perfect, but after I found one speck and cloned it out, then suddenly there were 5 MILLION specks that all needed cleaning.  I guess the moral is to not clean your specks!  Once the image was fixed up, I had to remove the noise with Imagenomics Noiseware Pro.  It did a great job on smoothing out the pixelly parts of the photo.

All in all, this took a surprisingly long amount of time to finish the image correctly.  But it’s worth it, a beautiful tropical print!  It would look great as a poster size image, I think.  Check this out and more in the flower gallery at www.kelleybard.com.