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1 Nature Shot, 2 REALLY Cute Kids

Sweet photos from a recent photo shoot and a not-so-recent-but-recently-finished waterfall image. Sorry about no posts the past 2 days… I’ve been wiped. It’s nice being busy with photography, really! I know I’m lucky to get to do something I love. but when I get a bunch of jobs and some are rush jobs, I’m a bit overwhelmed. I think I will learn better post-processing as I go, I’m already tons faster and better than when I started.


Cherry Flowers at Cherry Creek

I took this image at the Cherry Creek Shopping Center in Denver, CO, with my new wide angle lens. The first set of images to be taken with that lens, in fact (this was cropped so you can’t really tell). I really liked the beautiful spring blossoms and wanted to share them. As usual for my photos, I felt the blue sky of that morning detracted from the flowers so I desaturated the sky quite a bit. Hope you like the image!

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The “Scape” part of “LifeScapes”… Spring Tree at Red Rocks

I took this image while exploring Red Rocks Amphitheater (and here, the entrance drive in) with my new wide angle lens. I was struck by the lovely, bright leaves and the lines in the rocks and sky, so I took a few images for a possible HDR. This ended up being a single image HDR (handheld was a bit blurry in some of the exposures). The extreme sunlight made some unavoidable color problems, though- I got rid of the red lines around the branches, but was stymied (or too lazy) to clean up every green outline), I removed as much as possible without going into each single line. So I did the best I could. I still like it but I don’t like cutting corners, dammit!

I love landscapes and haven’t gotten out with my camera to catch the beauty around here lately, so it was nice to get back to it.

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Easter Impressionism… Blurred child portrait

With the daily photo thing firmly in my mind, I’m looking for more creative ideas for my photography. I think that is the whole reason for it… Anyways, here is a cute Easter image of one of the kids at the local Easter Egg Hunt. The photo was actually taken after the insanity, as during it, I was desperately trying to follow my own kids through the maze of frantically searching bodies. But I digress.

This was at 1/8th of a second and caught the blur as I followed the kid running. I also thought about trying this with the soccer game happening next to the egg hunt, hopefully that will come in the near future. There were lots of misses with this technique, I’m not great at following movement with the shutter open, but I tried. Usually I bet I’m about 80% on with getting at least a well focused, decently lighted image. Here I got 2 decent photos out of about 15. But it was fun and a good experience!

I had a great photo shoot today with a 9 yr old and her baby sister… total joy to be a photographer during moments like that! I’m sure a photo or two will be posted in the near future.

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Gate To Nowhere

My two loves in photography (well, I like an awful darn lot of different photo experiences I’ve had so far, but…) are landscapes and portraits. I think both can be so important in people’s lives… a place idealized, a moment or glimpse captured… I love those images. Hence my name for my style, “LifeScapes”. So Enjoy this one, an entry into my landscape style. A warmed, almost sepia black and white. I loved finding this gate- there wasn’t much behind it, but this open space was paramount. It’s a beautiful valley that cuts right up the center of Colorado. I drive through it at least 4 times a year, but had never seen this spot!

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Spinning Spring Flowers 2

Not much to add to this that wasn’t on the post a few days ago (similar photo). I desaturated this one a bit, but otherwise the editing was similar… this one was a bit more straightforward Photoshop work, if you know what I mean.

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Unconventional Kid’s Portrait & How to Get Good Children’s Portraits

This boy seemed like he didn’t quite want to be in his family’s photo shoot. He kept making faces and refusing to smile. I thought that having some fun with him might be the key, so I arranged for a kids shoot at the playground. He isn’t smiling here, but he got much happier and easier to photograph once I tried a few photos like this one!

Plus, after this one, I was able to get some of the photos that I thought might be more appreciated by his family. But, they did want a photo book of fun, candid images… can’t get much more casual than this!

I’m still learning tools in how to get kids to open up to me. Before photography, I had about a 2/3 success rate with hitting it off with children. But now, I’ve got to have a 100% rate. So I talk to the kids, show them the photos in camera, play with them and with their families… I’m learning but these seem to be consistently good. I’ve also had them take a photo or two of me with my camera before we really get going… that’s a bit scary if you don’t know the kid, or their “caring for stuff” level, though. 🙂

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