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Fern Curliques

I held onto this photo for a while, knowing how I wanted it to look but just not getting around to it. The original background was a lit black sheet, so dark greyish, which I wanted to darken. The colors weren’t so dramatic and the purple wasn’t as noticeable (and the bright orange not nearly that color!). So I hit Photoshop and edited and played until the colors got right. Other than that I only had to do a bit of cloning.

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I’m off to go to my first solo art show! Wish me luck at the “LifeScapes” show at The Red Tent Women’s Center in Durango, CO tonight!


Wet Flower Bud

I have wanted to finish this one for a while, but just didn’t know which route to take in processing it. I finally went fairly simply, and added a little glow and a little diffusion courtesy of OnOne PhotoTools… I didn’t even have to mask anything in the end, I just let the image speak for itself.

Some more fun photos on the way, varied (as always).

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Infrared Star Lily

Ok, I promise to not focus on flowers exclusively. For one, they are so blown out in the photography world… face it, it is VERY hard to make a living off of flower images (although I haven’t found out what you CAN photograph to make a living off of yet… someday, maybe…)! But they are fun and a good exploration for lighting, which is what I’m using them for here. I lit this from below and camera left, and then played extensively in Photoshop (there was a conversion to black and white, then use of an infrared filter, then some masking in to recover some of the color). Overall a very fun and beautiful (and hopefully, unique) image!

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White Flower Water Drops

I am really happy with this image. Flower pics are a losing proposition in my mind, as a photographer… everyone has good ones it seems, so how or why would anyone pick mine? But I still like taking them. This one was an experiment with lighting… and a happy accident with some spilled water on the petals.

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Red Calla Lily- Form

One of my lighting tests… I love this color of Calla Lily, though. I don’t often leave my photos without a bit of white in there to give balance… this one is all dark and mid tones, though, and I like it just fine that way! I am going to be shooting a wedding with these colors this summer, and I can’t wait. Photoshop, with a touch of OnOne PhotoTools (and I’ll work on that review in the early part of next week), where I used a filter that gave just a touch more contrast and detail to the flower. Enjoy this piece of beauty!

Coming up tomorrow, I have a well-textured image of the sound between the Outer Banks and the Mainland… I’ve always liked this image and I finally finished it last night, so you guys will be the first to view it!

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Have a good weekend!

Pink Flower in HDR, Mac Woes…

Most of the time, I think HDR looks best when it’s subtle… just adding a bit of light where it’s unexpected, or some added texture or detail. Sometimes, though, as you can see looking at my work (especially http://www.kelleybard.com/hdr) I do like to get a bit… intense with my HDR. I would say that my work nowadays is about 50% HDR… here is one of the subtle pieces to enjoy.

I’ve heard that flowers make bad HDR, mostly because the HDR process makes things look a bit gritty, a bit dirty almost. I didn’t get that response here, and I like how the HDR brought out a bit of glow that wasn’t visible in the original images.

On this image… I would LOVE to know the name of the flower! Any ideas? Bought at the local flower shop, I guess I could get a name from them if I tried.

I also had to bring back some of the original photos in Photoshop. That is a common part of HDR final processing for me, and one of the most difficult. But worth it when you get an image you really like such as here!

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Enjoy. More flower images coming, plus maybe some old stuff.

For other photographers: in less than 1 year I managed to fill up a TB of memory on my mac with my photos! Is that crazy or what?! So now I’m going through pics, deleting like mad (a process I don’t do well, in any aspect of my life for that matter). I guess I need more backup hard drives? How do you handle this in your work?

Lighting Tests- Orange Still Lifes. Life’s? Lives?

Ok, and now onto what may be my least exciting post ever (and no, I don’t need people to fight me on that one and point out more boring posts, thanks).  Actually, this was a necessary photo test series for me to do, I’m working through some strobist.com ideas and also some lighting thoughts that I picked up from diyphotography.com… both great sites for photographers who want to get a workable solution for lighting and such without breaking the bank.

Obviously, I was testing different lighting setups here.  The soft light up top was created by a farther away light, the hard light below was the same light but much closer relative to the orange.  The oranges?  An easy and quick thing to photograph.

The lighting was CFL’s but in the soft white light form… I recently picked up a 100w CFL in ‘daylight’ and it seems like a well white-balanced light, and bright enough for portraiture.

For tomorrow: Another “regular” picture of mine, plus my thoughts/review of the Nik software class I attended online Tues morning!

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