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Zion Lights



Two versions of this image for your viewing enjoyment… and it’s HDR Friday so they are, um, well… HDR’s. Taken in Zion National Park (which, by the way, I’ve wanted to go to since I moved to the 4 Corners region. So glad I went, and I need to spend much more time exploring this beautiful area). I believe this is the “Great White Throne”, but I”m not sure if I have the name right. I love how the different versions came out so vastly different. The great lighting on the mountain is more visible in the color version, but the black and white one is more intense, in my view. What do you think?

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Sunset Eye

This was just a fun idea that I had, and was able to set up and execute quickly when I saw the pretty sunset here a few days ago. I think this has possibility, I’m hoping to get more chances to follow it up with similar shots (I had to crop this quite a bit to get it to work). The sunset and sky were beautiful, though. and I’m glad I got the eyeball in focus!

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Have a great day!

Sound, Grass and Dock

I really like texturing images, but tend to keep them really light, almost undistinguishable (is that really a word? Really?) from the original image except for a tinge of texture, detail or color. I guess in most photography that is my aim, to make small changes that add up to much better images in the long run.

This image certainly doesn’t have the amt of texture that I’ve seen on some, but it’s heavier than most of my images. I keep the texture away from the grasses- and didn’t the HDR make that grass come out AMAZING??- and concentrated on the sky and water. I also used a texture I don’t usually use, one of the Stuck In Customs 25 texture pack… this one created the “scratchy” look on this print. Let me clarify, though… when I use textures, I almost always use some of the Stuck In Customs textures. They are great. But I often use the more mellow ones, the wall texture types. Not ones that are radically detailed and different… but it worked here, so I’m not complaining!

This was a shot that I took and wanted to finish months ago. I am glad that I finally got an HDR version that I liked (redid it several times with different settings) and textures and a look that I love.

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Road Less Travelled, Red Tent Opening News

This photo was a long time coming… and I’m still not 100% sure that I’m done messing with it! I came across this field on a sunset drive through the country near my house. I loved, loved the tracks through the field, and wanted to document them. I took many photos, trying different looks. Finally I settled on this single image, after trying HDR’s, textures, etc… the original was very warm, sunsety light and I wanted to keep it but it just didn’t show the tracks well enough, so I went to black and white and made it very contrasty. Love to hear comments from others, I’m still not feeling the total love from this one. But it may grow on me…

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HEY! For those unable to attend the opening of The Red Tent Healing Women’s Center in Durango, CO last night, you missed my art… but it will be up for the next 2 MONTHS so feel free to come check it out! I have 3 large prints and a canvas wrap up, and there is talk of a possible gallery style opening in March… stay tuned for news on that! Check www.redtentwellness.com for info!

Elk Eye, 2 Views… Love to hear your critique on it!

To start with, I live in the country. Not way out, I live close enough to a city to ALMOST satisfy my city needs, but there are plenny folk around me who are way, way into their country-ness and are fine with it. It’s new, I can deal with it… and I’m finding ways to enjoy the unique views of life you get out here, too!

This is one of those “enjoy” moments. A few miles away is a big elk farm. The males are HUGE but are often kept far from the road… and it’s $$$ to visit/hunt (I haven’t had the guts to ask about photographing yet). So I stand outside the fence. On this day, the cows were gathered near the road, eating hay. This one became interested/gutsy and came over for a close view of what me and my kids were doing, staring at them. She got close enough to lick my camera (I dodged, at the last second). The image was neat, unexpected, but not very exciting for all of that… I thought. But in processing, I went into my new PhotoTools (yes, I bought it; no, I didn’t do a review yet; yes, I will… I think I have about 5 different imgs to add to it now) and added some filters on a whim. I ended up with this bleach/bypassy look, which I enhanced further in photoshop and lightroom, a look which started to give me a distinct sad feeling to the image. Here is this wild thing, trapped in captivity, watching the sun set and people ogle her through the fence… I enhanced the blue tone and the blues in the sky and tried to bring as much of that feeling into the image as possible.

Then came the question- to crop or not? I ended up trying it out and I would LOVE your critique/thoughts on it. The crop aligns the eye and the sun with the exact “lines” that I use when trying to focus the viewers attention on a certain spot (I use the golden rule, which is close to the rule of thirds… an idea stolen/given? from Trey Ratcliff of Stuck In Customs in his ebook “Composing the Photo”). I think it makes it a better photo… but I’m not sure if it conveys the same sadness or even the same animal-ness… it might be too much of a crop to be able to tell it’s an elk, for example. What do you think?

Still, I posted it away, hoping to get some feedback- from my website http://www.kelleybard.com, from flickr, from facebook… It will be interesting to see what I hear from you all. Enjoy my work and have a great weekend!

2nd of 2 Versions of Image… Uprooted, 2 Toned

So, this is yesterdays image, but double tone mapped in Photomatix Pro 4 and without the warming filter applied to yesterdays shot. I just thought it would be nice to compare what double toning does… although it’s a bit different applied here rather than to a landscape or city shot, I think. Double toning seems to add more contrast, and to get a bit more of the other-worldly look to my images. I rarely do it, usually because it adds a ton more noise to deal with later. It adds nice texture to woods, and such, which is why I wanted to try it here. I can’t really explain my settings in tone mapping, because I change them with every image, but usually I have luminance up, micro contrast all the way up, I change around the smoothing but I often try to have micro smoothing as low as the image will take, and I play with all the other settings wildly. I always have the strength at 100, though. In double toning, I will bring the color saturation down a bit and usually go for more “normal” looking smoothing and micro smoothing (more to the right for both)- especially if I have already had it set low for the first time through Photomatix.

Here’s yesterdays shot:

Love to hear comments on these, and what you like/don’t like about either. I can’t decide which I like better, myself. See more of my work at http://www.kelleybard.com, or on flickr or facebook.


So exciting, this weekend has been the annual Snowdown celebration in my town and I’ve been out with my camera the past few days. In the next few days, I’ll show some fun shots from the light parade last night, and some images from the hot air balloon event today. I froze my butt off for those, so they better be good! I’ll also be posting my February deal on flickr, facebook and buzztown soon, so “like” Kelley Bard Photography there if you haven’t already to hear about it!

Enjoy a great weekend!

2 Versions of 1 HDR… First- Uprooted, 1 Toned

I saw this tree a week or so ago on the side of the road and swore that I would be back at some sunset to take photos of it. My original idea for the shot was to get very close to the roots and get them in focus with everything else out of focus. I need a wider lenses to make that shot happen, though- even at 24 mm I couldn’t make the image I liked. So I stepped back a bit and got this shot… which I really like as well.

HDR is High Dynamic Range imaging, a process where you take several images of the same scene at different exposures and combine them in a computer program. I use Photomatix Pro 4, but others are getting decent/good results out of Nik HDR Efex Pro and Photoshop CS5. I used it for this and for tomorrow’s image, to get depth and texture in the shadows, highlights, tree limbs, etc. I developed each image similarily, with only a few changes. This one was single toned, which means it was put through tone mapping one time (resulting in more natural look and less noise to clean up later). I also wanted to bring up the warmth of the day I shot this… late afternoon as the sun was setting, and I wanted that warm color here, too, so I added a warming photo filter. The image tomorrow is decidedly cooler, and a bit more otherworldly and dark as a result of the double toning. When it comes up, I would love to hear some comments on what you like/don’t like about each image!

Posted to my website (www.kelleybard.com) as well as flickr and facebook. Enjoy all my images and have a great weekend!

*Next week, I’ll be posting some images from my recent testing of OnOne Softwares PhotoTools 2.6… keep coming back to view them and judge for yourself whether it’s worth the use!*