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Spinning Spring Flowers

And now for something completely different…

Really, the whole idea of a daily photo blog is to force you into more creativity and finding opportunities for photographs beyond the usual. This was a good example of it. I set my camera for a relatively long exposure (1/8th of a second) and spun the camera (handheld) while I took the picture. I tried it a lot, and came out with a few decent, interesting images. I then processed it in photoshop with some fun tricks- OnOne PhotoTools to get some glowy blur, and Topaz Adjust to get some color “pop”. Like I said, it was an experiment. But one I like the results of! Maybe next I’ll try spinning it on the tripod…

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Colorado Plains

Taken while driving across Colorado. New photo with my new wide angle… in some ways, it’s a very bland photo. But I’m very impressed by the beauty, the emptiness, and the SPACE that is visible! Gorgeous. This state is amazing.

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First with the Wide Angle Lens! 2 Versions “Tree and Mountains Wide”

I planned this to be a color image, but I liked the black and white version so much that I included it. I guess that goes to show that you can’t always plan out a photo… there is always an unexpected element to it!

My first published image using the wide angle lens. Like it!?? I’m loving it, although I am still learning what works with it and what doesn’t.

Single image HDR- it had to be that way because it was a very windy day (see the snow blowing off the mountains?) and the branches were blurred in the normal and light exposures. I did the HDR thing on the normal exposure then brought in the darkest image’s tree to get the focus right and blur to a minimum. I also had fun running this through Topaz Adjust twice, to get a different look for the clouds and for the ground and tree. Fun times in Photoshop!

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Snowy Wheelbarrow

Interesting… I start to switch to a balance between landscapes and portraits as my output, and suddenly I’m choosing a lot of vertical photos for my blog. Hmmmm…. We had some snow last night (a fun pic or two of that coming in the future, I think) but this wasn’t from the evenings festivities. I’ve been sitting on this image for about a month now. I knew I liked it but wasn’t sure if I wanted to do some crazy finishing or not. I’m glad I keep it pretty simple. The original was a bit darker in the tree branches and I did a quick adjustment with Topaz Adjust which lightened that up while adding contrast overall. I masked some of the original image in and used Topaz DeNoise to clean it up- I think I’m really getting the hang of Topaz DeNoise now, I use it on most images but I’m starting to use the “add grain” feature more now, which I surprisingly like.

My favorite part in this image (well, two): how the orange wheelbarrow matches the orange leaves on the tree (natural, not photoshop) and how fluffy the snow looks!

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Lines and Organics

Here is a black and white HDR… so I’m hitting all bases (strict photo/art purists vs. photoshop using radicals). 🙂

I saw this while exploring around a nearby elk farm a month ago or so. The lines vs. organic, flowing shapes caught my eye immediately. I liked a lot about this and wanted to show off the details in the wood, the lines going every-which-way, the delicate tree limbs in the mid-ground, the great clouds and how they seemed to mix the line and organic shape phenomenon. HDR was the obvious choice for the wood detail, the clouds, and the snow detail to be properly represented. I processed this with Photomatix for the HDR, then hit Photoshop for some tweaking with Topaz Adjust and Topaz DeNoise. The black and white look seemed perfect from the start and more so by the end. If nothing else, this has that feeling of “college art project”, so I got that going for me. Which is nice.

This went into my seasonal gallery on www.kelleybard.com. I’m not sure if I’m overwhelming people with the number of galleries I have… I was able to finally move all my proofs into a secret folder so they aren’t clogging up the “all my photos” area… anyone have thoughts, tips, suggestions from your experiences with varied photos and how to show them?

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Elk in Snow

I found this elk farm while driving around Hesperus, CO. It had the biggest males that I have ever seen, just off the side of the road. They spooked a bit when I came up to the fence, but didn’t move far from their food source, so I was able to get this image. I wanted to highlight the lovely, large valley behind the elk, so I’m glad that this photo shows that off well.

I’m not the worlds top wildlife photographer, but I do love to see these animals. If I can show them off at all, I’m happy. Part of living in this part of the US, for me, is being close to such amazing wild creatures (and even in an elk farm, they are glorious).

Tell me… is the post-processing too blah? I can’t decide, myself.

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Wet Bridge and Mans Best Friend & March Deal!

Does anyone else follow Stuck In Customs (Trey Ratcliff) with his amazing photography? He put out a series of suggestions for HDR images this last week, along with Rick Sammon (another amazing HDR artist). One of the tips was to explore using single shots for HDR through converting raw images into pseudo-HDR images. Photomatix does a good job at that and it really does bring out some incredible details and looks in a photo. So… for today, we have a single raw exposure converted into HDR in “Wet Bridge and Mans Best Friend”.

I think the best part of this is the reflection in the wetness on the bridge… and how the trees came out in the HDR process… and how the detail in the wood really comes out with HDR… ok, I like a lot about this.

I used Photomatix 4 for the HDR, Photoshop for the playing field, Topaz DeNoise to clean up the digital noise, and Topaz Adjust to get the “crisp” look. I also desaturated it a bit, in Photomatix and in Photoshop. But I like how the greens are still pretty strong.

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**March Deal**

You know how many photographers have to decide on whether or not to create a croppable image or not, since most of the prints will come out cropped? I’m still not sure what my policy is on this, but mostly I create images while keeping it in mind that I should look for “good 8×10″ness in the photo. My images are made for the whole frame, though, and should be enjoyed that way (although 95% will crop well)… so this month, the deal is 25% off full frame prints (not counting 4×6’s, sorry). That is 8×12 or 16×24 prints of any kind- classic, canvas wraps, giclee prints.. all 25% off. The purchase must be done on my website http://www.kelleybard.com… and the best part is, as long as you have a full frame image in there, you get the discount on EVERYTHING you buy. Coupon code is mar2011. Good through the end of the month. Come by and enjoy the photos as they are meant to be enjoyed- full frame!