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Stay Close To Your Friends

An oldie but a goodie… well, shot 9 months ago but I couldn’t decide how to finish it. I have always liked it, though, and I’m glad I finally worked it out well.

VERY similar to an earlier photo of mine (one which I did finish in a timely manner) but this was on the other side of Yosemite Valley and down a bit towards Half Dome.

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Hidden Valley- Utah explorations


Valley found as I explored SE Utah along one of the Scenic Byways. Utah is really beautiful. I can’t wait for more photo explorations there!

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Route 66- Using Textures to Create Interest


One of my favorite roads in America, Route 66 runs through the Southwest and has sections that are found as far east as Chicago. It’s an old road, the main artery into the west for much of the 20th century but largely abandoned now. The sections that are open go through beautiful, open country with hardly any traffic. Some of the towns located on it are hanging on by a thread, others are completely shuttered. It’s eerie.

You also find these old Burma-Shave ads all over the place. They are priceless: odd, quirky, mostly dark humor that keeps you interested in what the next sign down the road has to say. I pulled over here before a big curve to take in the road, valley, and sign. The resulting image (3 exposures processed in HDR) still didn’t give the aged feeling to it, so I worked on the image with some textures and detailing. I like how the warmed up colors really highlight the old look of the sign, and the sky is much more interesting with the layers of textures. Overall, a photo I really enjoy.

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Half Dome from bridge (Second of 2 photos)- I’d LOVE comments here!

So here’s my second version of the same image, processed a bit more “HDR’y” although both came from the same HDR image.  I like the more extreme HDR look here, but don’t like the increased noise in the water and trees, and the smoothed out look that came from my Topaz Denoise noiseware also bugs me in some of the plants along the river.  The other is probably the best technically… But this one calls to me still…

So I’m torn.  Love some comments to see which YOU like better.

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Half Dome from Bridge, Calm (first of 2 versions of photo)

Classic photo of Half-Dome… I had to try my hand at it.  This is from a bridge across the Merced River, which gives you the perfect image of Half Dome.  That day, and every day I was in Yosemite Valley on this trip, there was this heavy ground fog as well.  I really like how it made the image come out.

Photo is an HDR from 3 different exposures, all taken with tripod and processed in Photomatix Pro 4.  I then did some shifting and cleaning up in Photoshop.  I tried a different approach today, usually I remove all the noise and significantly soften the image, but after a Nik Software landscape class this morning, I decided to leave the image with a bit more noise and do more sharpening as well.  I have stayed away from sharpening in many of my images and perhaps they have suffered a bit… any thoughts from out there on this conundrum?

I’ll review the Nik class in the near future, but in short, it was a good one!

Oh, black and white because of the Ansel Adams fan in me.  I literally can’t see a photo of Half Dome in color, it just doesn’t work for me.  I did apply a blue filter to this, to bring out the glow in the white snow.  It adds a nice mood, I think.

The other version is a bit more noisy and a bit more contrasty… more of your classic HDR I think… I’ll post it tomorrow, so come back!

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Love your comments, especially after tomorrows version is posted!


Yosemite Falls in Early Winter

Yosemite Falls.  So, what do you think?  I like how the photo came out, and I like how the noise removal made the rocks look, but the trees are made pretty spacey…. oh, HDR.  How I love your look but not some of the side issues.

Anyways, I would love to hear comments.

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Telluride Valley and a WINNER for the FREE PRINT!

Telluride Valley 2

As promised, here is a photo from my recent visit to Telluride, CO.  The way there was absolutely stunning, the aspens were in full autumn glory and it was just amazing.  I enjoyed my time exploring the town (no Tom Cruise sightings, though… alas) and was getting ready to leave when my kids demanded a trip to the airport.  I’m SURE that they just wanted a quick and easy ride home, rather than another 2.5 hours spent in the back of my car, but I capitulated and headed towards the airport.  The drive took us by some really snazzy, Telluride-esque homes, and on the way back, I saw this view.  (Btw, the airport was empty except for a private jet on the runway and a stretch limo in the parking lot.  lol).

Now, those who have been to Telluride will perhaps say that this is not the view they remember.  Well, that is what photoshop is for, right?  Bringing our memory, our creativity, and our photos together as one.  In this case, as several, as I worked out many different versions of this photo.  I even posted one to flickr, etc before realizing that I wanted to work on it some more.  My original version- HDR from Photomatix, with saturation changes, Topaz Adjust layers, and a very strong overlay of Noiseware Professional, looked more like a painting.  Beautiful, but a bit too smoothed out for me.  So I experimented with the different layers and original photos and did some creative masking, leaving bits of the originals while allowing some of the HDR brilliance to show through.  This is my final version…. I think.  I do love the sky, though.  That has remained unchanged- although it was lowered from the original HDR image, so that the cloud is in the cropped photo.  Natives will also say that the mountains are much browner, less colorful.  Well, true.  But it’s art.  And all those hues were there- shifted some, saturation-boosted to be sure, but gloriously colorful.  So enjoy it!

This image is found at my website, www.kelleybard.com/places.  Coming up- first snow in the mountains today prompted a trip into the La Platas (mountain range), where I got an amazing photo.  It’s my first attempt at an HDR panorama and I hope that you will like it… I’ll post it tomorrow!


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