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Air and Space Plane Head On & News of Studio Opening!!

This image has total insanely overkill written all over it… But I like it, still! This started off as a HDR image. I added some dark texture, then decided it needed overall darkening (serious plane vignetting). From there I just played. Sometimes I guess I need to act out in my photos… I’m wondering currently how this blog will be looking once I’m doing lots of portraits, and I think I’m just lost in the change of it all. But, back to this image, I have been staring at this for a year, loving the shot, and I’m glad to finally have done something about it. If you care to, check out the reflections under the wings… it’s one of my favorite things about the photo.


April 15th I’ll be opening my home studio doors! I’m so very very excited about it, I hope to get lots of clients and lots of photos done early on, so part of that is giving a “Welcome In!” photo shoot price. From April 15th-May 15th, I’ll be charging $10 for photo shoots. Anyone. Families, kids, infants, pregnant mothers, professionals… the more experience and the more time behind the camera the better! I’m already starting to fill up appointment slots, so give me a call and set up for a 2 hour slot with me in my new home studio! Other coupons don’t apply, and prints, disks of images, etc are their normal reduced price… but you are saving $45+ for the shoot!!


Inside Virginia Aquarium, and checking again on photo size

This was just a neat room inside the aquarium in Virginia Beach, VA (I think it was the Virginia Aquarium, but honestly the only gift I got from there is in my toddlers room and I’m not going in there until she is asleep… so sorry about the uncertainty).  I really didn’t do much post processing here, but I wanted to sharpen it enough to be able to read the quote at the end wall, so that was part of the process.  I may have brightened it up a bit and increased the saturation in Photoshop as well.

It’s a daily photo.  Just a moment from my life that I found beautiful and mystifying, and I happened to have my camera to record it.

I’d love to hear from people on whether or not this photo size is too large.  Any comments?


Broken Down Virginia Pier, and what do you think of the new photo sizes?

First of all, this is an unusual take on a photo for me.  I usually don’t like graininess in my images, and use noiseware often to remove it.  I like the images to look as good in large sizes as small, and I tend to think that grain makes the larger images not as “clean”.  But this photo really seemed to need it, and looks better for a little added grain and noise.

I saw this pier in a small lake off a stream in Southern Virginia, when I was on my way to Virginia Beach.  I was taking my time driving some country roads, and I was finding out that this section of Virginia is riddled with waterways.  I had just been stopped at a cute little drawbridge when I saw this off to the side… as soon as the boat moved through and the cars started moving again, I pulled over to look at this.  The colors and contrast in camera didn’t do the scene justice, and I had actually sat with the image in my computer for a few months while I tried to figure out where I wanted to go with it.  Finally the grainy/black and white/contrasty look seemed to be the best idea.  I played with the image in photoshop and with Topaz Adjust until I got the right look.

Enjoy this, I’ve also posted this in my daily photos on facebook and on my website at www.kelleybard.com.  Feel free to explore my art more in either of those venues!