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Wide Angle where it probably shouldn’t be used…. :)

So… there is something really cute about using a wide angle lens for a portrait. I can’t stop thinking of those cutesy photos of animals with big heads and little bodies (usually sugar-sweet puppies to boot, naturally) but I think it is a classic photo just because it is how most parents see their kids so much of the time. Anyways, I am called to do photos of the kids looking up and think it is darling, usually. Using a wide angle lens just took it to the next level, though!

I doubt that this will become a normal portrait style of mine, but it was fun to explore and perhaps some parents may like it… I will put it in my poses list just for giggles. Enjoy this, and if you want to see my more conventional images, check out www.kelleybard.com.


Cherry Flowers at Cherry Creek

I took this image at the Cherry Creek Shopping Center in Denver, CO, with my new wide angle lens. The first set of images to be taken with that lens, in fact (this was cropped so you can’t really tell). I really liked the beautiful spring blossoms and wanted to share them. As usual for my photos, I felt the blue sky of that morning detracted from the flowers so I desaturated the sky quite a bit. Hope you like the image!

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The “Scape” part of “LifeScapes”… Spring Tree at Red Rocks

I took this image while exploring Red Rocks Amphitheater (and here, the entrance drive in) with my new wide angle lens. I was struck by the lovely, bright leaves and the lines in the rocks and sky, so I took a few images for a possible HDR. This ended up being a single image HDR (handheld was a bit blurry in some of the exposures). The extreme sunlight made some unavoidable color problems, though- I got rid of the red lines around the branches, but was stymied (or too lazy) to clean up every green outline), I removed as much as possible without going into each single line. So I did the best I could. I still like it but I don’t like cutting corners, dammit!

I love landscapes and haven’t gotten out with my camera to catch the beauty around here lately, so it was nice to get back to it.

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Desert View at Red Rocks

More wide angle… I was exploring what I could photograph with the wide angle lens, and I got really close to this plant and was very happy that I could still see so much around the plant! I warmed up this photo as it seemed to need that warm, deserty feeling.

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