Why retouch your photos? To make them great! (reprinted from buzztown.com)

Nowadays, most people can take a fairly decent photo with a digital camera. Just the fact that you can now take 100 photos when 10 years ago you were limited to 27 on a film roll helps you to get at least one good shot.  Most digital cameras are at least 5 megapixels today, even point and shoot cameras, so you can also blow up your pictures if you want to.  So why don’t most people do so?

Generally, pictures without editing just aren’t that exciting.  You may have a great look on your kids face, a beautiful memory from a holiday trip, but more than likely those shots are either too dark, too light, flat-looking or there is a distracting element that takes away from the photograph.

Even the pros know that a little retouching makes a good photo into a great photo.  If you don’t have a high-end camera or photo editing software your choices are limited and confusing, and it is easy to go overboard or damage your digital file permanently.  It is hard to decide whether you need to increase exposure, soften skin tones, clone an object out of the photo, or just crop it.

Let a professional finish your photos for you.  I love to edit pictures and find it amazing when a fabulous photo emerges from a so-so one.  I will figure out what size you could enlarge your photo to, provide you with printed copies or digital files, and even update the encoded data in the photo to clearly state your copyright information.

Contact Kelley Bard Photography for prices, deals and information.  I want to help you to become proud of your photos!

Reprinted from Buzztown.com (kelleybardphotography.buzztown.com)


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